Height-adjustable tables for yacht building

by Jürgen Düsterhus

Exquisite and uncompromising telescopic drives for various customers in the yacht building sector.

In addition to many other exciting projects, these tailor-made and seawater-resistant telescopic columns "expand tele maritime"
ensure that order books continue to be well-filled despite the global corona crisis.

Application of the electric or hand-operated lift tables in outdoor area of luxury yachts.


Technical data: examples (1)/(2)/(3)

Installation height (mm): 280 (1)/275 (2)/683 (3)

Stroke (mm): 410 (1)/330 (2)/330 (3)

Max. load weight (kg): 300

Lever arm (mm): 400

Material: V4A

Drive: screw drive (1),(2)/handwheel (3)

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