by Leonid Düsterhus

After several years of successful joint development, the new product from BSH Hausgeräte GmbH was presented for the first time at the prestigious IFA 2022 and many other well-known trade fairs.
The Waterbase offers a revised sink concept that, in addition to the conventional functions, also combines many small appliances and enables a completely new kitchen and living design.

by Leonid Düsterhus

Teleskophubsäule elektrisch V4A

This hanging mounted telescopic axle drives a camera in a dredges cargo area. Controlling of the camera's position happens by activation of a float switch attached to the telescopic actuator. Weather and seawater resistant model because of its proximity to the ocean. Futhermore the telescopic drive contains cable routing and explosion protection.


Technical Data:

Installation height (mm): 1000

Stroke (mm): 2000

Load weight (kg): 60 (camera)

Material: V4A

Drive: DC geared motor

Additional: Explosion protection 3GD, float switch, controller

by Jürgen Düsterhus

Elektrozylinder seewasserbeständig

Exquisite and uncompromising telescopic drives for various customers in the yacht building sector.

In addition to many other exciting projects, these tailor-made and seawater-resistant telescopic columns "expand tele maritime"
ensure that order books continue to be well-filled despite the global corona crisis.

Application of the electric or hand-operated lift tables in outdoor area of luxury yachts.


by Jürgen Düsterhus

A very special application in California's San Francisco has been initiated by a british actor.
He needed four synchronously operating telescopic heavy-duty drives for the renovation of his mansion.
This lifting system generates a stroke of 3.8m out of 1.5m installation height.
It's aim is to move a room divider to different floors of the mansion.

by Jürgen Düsterhus

hubsäule teleskop pharma reinraum

Another example of our special cleanroom telescoping columns serving for pharmaceutical production.

Including smooth surfaces and minimum gap dimensions entirely ensure the suitability even for ambitious applications, such as this one.

Technical data:

Installation height (mm): 580

Stroke (mm): 700

Load weight (kg): 1200

Material: V2A

Drive: DC geared motor

by Jürgen Düsterhus

Reinraum Hubsäule Teleskop

For cleanroom application of a leading company in optic and optoelectronic industries we produced a further four-step telescoping column.

Including special sliding elements, greases and spindles guarantee suitability for cleanroom.

Technical data:

Installation height (mm): 410

Stroke (mm): 800

Load weight (kg): 600

Material: V2A

by Jürgen Düsterhus

Teleskoparm lang

A current example of our feasible telescopic arms.

This product is serving the customer for welding large tanks.

Technical data:

Installation length (mm): 2500

Horizontal installation

Extension length (mm): 3500

Load weight (kg): 30

Material: Aluminum

by Jürgen Düsterhus

schwerlast hubsäule

These heavy-duty duplex telescoping systems serve for loading goods carriers in a chroming facility of a southern German metalworking company.

Each duplex-system possesses a synchronous control.

Photo: Single lifting column before final assembly.

Technical data:

Installation height (mm): 1670

Stroke (mm): 1650

Load weight (kg): 4000

Material: Galvanized steel

Drive: Servo drive