by Jürgen Düsterhus


Fast and robust telescoping lifts for special applications in automobile production. Extremely stable design.

Technical data:

Installation height (mm): 950

Stroke (mm): 1500

Load weight (kg): max 200, alternating stress

Vmax (mm/s): 300

Drive: Servo drive

by Jürgen Düsterhus

ex-geschützter Teleskopantrieb

Telescoping lift in ATEX zone 2 design for varnish coating industry.

Technical data:

Installation height (mm): 300

Horizontal installation

Stroke (mm): 400

Load weight (kg): 5

Positioning accuracy: +/- 1mm

Drive: Pneumatic motor

by Jürgen Düsterhus

We delivered a rotary telescoping lift for application in maritime area. This module is designed as a holder for a seat in the bow of a yacht.

The system is resistant to seawater.

Technical data:

Installation height (mm): 1100

Load weight (kg): 300

Velocity (m/min): 3,00

Guide profiles: R200/180/160/140

Material: V4A

Pivoting range: +/- 180°

Drive: Servo gear motors