Seawater resistant telescoping actuators - expand tele maritime

Elektrozylinder seewasserbeständig

Seawater resistant, robust, aesthetic. Stylish electric lifting actuators for maritime environments.

Space is scarce, particularly on the high seas. Our exclusive lift tables and individual telescopic cylinders are an optimal solution for the most efficient use of space and thus for maritime and offshore applications, especially yacht building.
We adapt the design of our seawater resistant lifts and actuators to your needs and requirements, both technically and visually.

Typical application examples are lifting and lowering or even complete disappearance of tables, platforms and more. Interior as well as exterior equipment.

Our electric multi-stage telescopic table lift pedestals distinguish themselves from conventionally available telescopic columns due to their enormous rigidity, despite having a big lever.
The electric cylinders are perfectly suited for contact with sea water due to their tightness.
Almost limitless scope for installation height, stroke and load.

Numerous telescopic actuators by Düsterhus GmbH already travel the world's oceans on luxury mega yachts.