Drive solutions, industries, topics

expand products for a wide variety of topics and solution systems. Industrial solutions and exclusive luxury applications.

Industry sectors

Architecture & Residences

Modern architecture moves. So do our products. Practical, extraordinary or spectacular extras for exclusive properties.
Lifting and telescopic systems for inside and outside. Typical applications include height-adjustable railing systems and entrance gates, movable walls, automatic extensions for screens, cupboards and much more.
The possibilities are limitless.

Automation & mechanical engineering

Linear axes and telescopic axes for machine tools, production or processing machines.
Fast speeds, flexible installation space, positioning and repeat accuracy combined with a high level of robustness are part of our everyday lives.

Food & Medicine

Our products in special designs with suitable materials also for the food industry and medical technology.
Telescopic axes in chocolate bar production, linear units for cutting bread rolls, telescopic pushers for medical ampoules and much more.

fast telescopic portal axis for medical technology


Gigantic telescopic assembly lifts for engine construction, hanging telescopic axles with work basket for aircraft fuselage painting of the A380 or loading systems for cargo planes.
Many years of experience in the aerospace industry.

telescopic lifting columns for assembly systems

Production & conveyor technology, automotive industry

Telescopic systems, lifting columns and linear drives for all industrial applications. High speeds, long duty cycles and low maintenance.

fast telescopic lifting column for lifting table

Clean room

Drive technology for clean room applications.
We are able to offer all of our telescopic columns and linear drives in cleanroom-compatible versions.

Telescopic drive in stainless steel with manual drive

Offshore & yacht building

The combination of selected materials, manufacturing and coating processes as well as the coordinated construction of the telescopic stroke cylinders and linear drives are our strengths, especially for highly corrosive and optically exclusive applications. Further details: Seawater-resistant telescopic lifting cylinders


Lifting columns for yacht tables

Our classics: High-quality motorized height adjustments using telescopic cylinders for tables and other furniture, especially for the outside area of ​​yachts.
Extremely rigid and stable despite the most difficult lifting and installation height conditions.

Measuring and testing systems

Linear units and lifting telescopic columns for measuring and testing systems. Positioning of sensors, lights, test objects, etc. In different laboratory conditions or outdoors.

Portal and crane systems

Linear units, telescopic axes, lifting columns combined in any way for multi-axis crane and portal systems. Electric, robust, fast. Telescopic lifting columns and linear drives for individual axes or as a tailor-made complete system for your individual application.

Assembly aids

Intelligent adaptability for dynamic production. Simple push trolleys, automatically telescopic height adjustment at the workplace, autonomous assembly trolleys or other aids for everyday work.


Intelligent assembly platforms adapt their geometries to demanding conditions and assert themselves under the most adverse circumstances. Our sophisticated lifting and telescoping technology forms the basis for all demanding cases of lifting platforms, assembly systems and platforms of all kinds. From the individual telescopic arm or linear drive to the development, production and assembly of the entire system.

Height-adjustable railings

Dynamic railings. Individually adapted telescopic railing systems for industry, luxury residences and much more. With electric telescopic cylinders, the railing can be retracted or moved to a desired height as required.