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Your specialist for modern drive technology in the fields of aerospace engineering, aeronautical engineering, shipping and more.

Telescoping lifting columns

Lifting, lower, pushing. Telescope systems of any kind.

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Linear units

Another type of linear unity. Exceptionally robust and indestructible.

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Lifting motor

One for two. Lifting gear and engine both in one.

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Quick lifting gear

Faster and higher. Less rotations for the stroke.

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Facts and figures:

Since its foundation in 1995 our engineering office has basically focussed on the construction of commissioned works in the fields of conveying technology, industrial handling, food industry and  generator technology. We can provide you additionally with technical and professional Know-How regarding manufacture and complete installation of plants and equipment. Today our company is mainly dealing with drive technology. Increasing experiences in all these fields enabled us to develop our own range of products named „expand line“

These products tailored to particular needs turned out to be a sensible alternative to customary elements similar in design. They are available in different versions and extremely versatile.